We Analyze

Our Data and Analytics practice provides a comprehensive set of offerings targeted at enabling the supply chain control tower: an end to end data integration, business intelligence and analytics application for the smart factory.Given our desire to help our customers join the cyber-physical 4th revolution in production (industry 4.0) our focus in Data and Analytics aims at the industries where the application of the Smart Factory is most relevant including: Discrete Manufacturing, Live Sciences, Chemical, Food and Beverage. 

Our Data and Analytics solutions for these industries leverage cutting edge technology and great partnerships such as SAP. Our team of practitioners is deeply skilled and experienced in SAP technologies such as: BOE, HANA, IOT, MII and Manufacturing Analytics.

We employ top consultants experienced in supply chain processes, cutting edge technologies such as Big Data and IOT and of course SAP!

Our Verity solution based on SAP HANA and Business Objects provides a unified view capable of capturing the value of data by transforming it into manufacturing and traceability intelligence.

Additionally our approach to data and analytics significantly reduces the risk associated with lengthy roadmaps by allowing our clients to package relevant use cases into contained solutions using our extensive manufacturing, logistic, track and trace IP.