2nd Serialisation Roundtable for CMOs


Movilitas Consulting, Optel Vision and Supply Chain Wizard are organizing the 2nd Serialisation Roundtable for CMOs in Frankfurt on February 16, 2016. Early bird prices are available until January 16, 2016. Register now!

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Movilitas, the Company


Movilitas Consulting delivers premier SAP Supply Chain, Track & Trace and Mobility Solutions to customers on an international basis.




Movilitas is a globally operating company, so wherever our customers are based we are never far away.

Movilitas, North America

Movilitas Consulting AG, Germany

Movilitas Sales Office, Switzerland

Movilitas Sales Office, Austria(ict4energy)

Movilitas, Spain

Movilitas, Belgium

Movilitas, France

Movilitas, Belarus

Movilitas, Malaysia SDN. BHD

Movilitas, Portugal, LDA

Movilitas, Tschechische Republik

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